Coed Kickball


High School school yard sports is for high school students that aren’t playing varsity sports and want to play a recreational school yard sport with their friends. Games start the week of September 19th-22nd and will end October 27th. No games during fall break. 3:30pm, 4:15pm, 5pm, or 5:45pm games on designated days of either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Fridays will be makeup days for rain outs. Each team will play once a week for 4 weeks. The fifth week will be playoffs for the top 16 teams for each sport. Playoff teams will play elimination games from 16, to 8, to 4, to the final 2. Teams could play up to 4 additional games in the playoffs if they make it to the championship. Winners will get t-shirts. $250 is the team fee (if you have 10 players, each player would pay $25 to the team captain and the captain or a parent/ guardian would pay the team fee in full). Games will be played in Orem just a few blocks off the freeway.


Kickball will consist of 10 players and up to 4 subs. At least four females must play each game. Games will be about 40 minutes. The umpire will decide to finish the current inning or play one more inning at the 35th minute. Please read the rules on the rules tab (coming soon).