Team Captains/Coaches:

Please be early!!! Games must start on time and forfeits will be given after 10 minutes of game time for 6v6 & 4v4 and after 15 minutes for 11v11. No exceptions. We are on a tight schedule. Captains need to fill out and send rosters of first and last names before the first game. We will no longer be using bibs. Home teams will wear dark colors like black, blue, red, etc. and visiting teams will wear light colors like white. All teammates of one team must wear the same color. If they don’t have that color, they will not be allowed to play. I recommend every player to have both colors their team chooses for every game. All players must wear shin guards. If they forget them or don’t have them, they wont be allowed to play.

We will use FIFA laws of the game except for the following exceptions listed below and the field size of course for 6v6 and 5v5/ 4v4. Please be aware we have a very strict no fighting policy. Anyone that starts a fight or participates in a fight may be banned for life from participating in the league. Frequent verbal abuse or frequent dangerous play that puts players at risk will also not be tolerated and any player may be suspended or expelled from the league at any time. Once a player plays for a team in a particular division, that player may not play for another team in that division the rest of the season. The only exceptions are if one team is split into two teams so a particular division has enough teams, then the teams may double roster up to 3 players for 6v6 and up to 2 players for 5v5/ 4v4. Double rostering is not allowed in 11v11. Or the other exception is if a player decides to switch to another team and is given league approval by the director or assistant directors. That player may transfer to the new team before tournament play, but they must wait until the next game for both teams (usually a week after playing for the first team) to play for the new team. If there is tournament play, only players that have played during the current season are allowed to play in the tournament game. Rosters are subject to league approval and teams that add “ringers” in lower divisions without league approval may have their game forfeited.

11v11 outdoor

Unlimited substitutions are allowed at midfield under the referee’s discretion following FIFA rules. The amount of players allowed on the roster is unlimited.

6v6 outdoor

No offside. Player substitutions are on the fly (with the exception of goalie subs), meaning players can substitute without asking the referee, if they do so at midfield and wait until the departing player is off the field. Teams must still ask the referee for permission of a goalkeeper substitution and may only do so on a dead ball and with the referee’s approval. During coed games, teams must have two females on the field at all times to have a full team. If a coed team has only one female player, then that team must play with only five players (four of which would be male). If a coed team has no female players, then that team must play with only four players (all of which would be male). During coed games, goals scored by males are worth one point and goals scored by females are worth two points.

6v6 indoor

In addition to the 6v6 outdoor rules, here are the following additions for indoor. No sliding is allowed when it creates a dangerous situation for any player. What that means is there is no slide tackling, but you can slide for instance to save a ball from going out of bounds or to score a goal if you are by yourself or not near enough to someone else to make it dangerous. A direct free kick will be given for not complying with this law. For those that are familiar with futsal, it is the same law that is under the FIFA laws of futsal. The following are also in compliance with FIFA futsal rules. If the ball touches the ceiling or anything above the field, a throw-in will be awarded to the opposing team to the side of where it touched. If a ball is shot prior to the buzzer going off and crosses the goal line after the buzzer, a goal will still be awarded. At the end of games, if stalling tactics are used by a team, it is the referees’s judgement whether to add extra time to the game. Also, if a direct free kick or a penalty kick is awarded or needs to be retaken before the buzzer goes off, that kick will still be taken.

5v5/ 4v4 indoor

The following are additional rules or exceptions for 5v5/ 4v4 indoor as compared to 6v6 indoor. Futsal balls and futsal goals are used. Goalie restarts are a throw by the goalie rather than a goal kick. Sideline restarts are a kick-in on the line rather than a throw-in. Kick-ins are considered to start on the field of play and if they leave the field of play, they are not retaken (different than throw-ins which can be retaken when they don’t enter the field of play). Penalty kicks are at the top and center of the goalie box. Corner kicks are placed directly on the corner. The opposing team must be 5 yards away on all free kicks and restarts including sideline kicks. Teams must have 3 players to start a game and the referee will start the kick off once the team has 3 players after the clock has started. Goalies cannot score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal unless it touches any player on the field.

4v4 indoor drop-in

In addition to the 5v5/ 4v4 indoor rules, here are the following additions for drop-in. We will use futsal balls and futsal goals. There will be three fields of 4v4 with up to 4 teams per field. Games will end after 7 minutes or after one team scores 2 goals, whichever happens first. If a game ends in a tie, both teams depart. In the case of a tie, the team that played fewer games will be next in line to play. When there are three or more teams per field, once one team beats all the other teams at their field, they must rotate out. The referee at the fields will have final say if there is a dispute.