Adult Indoor 4v4 Drop-In Soccer Provo


Starts soon!

Schedule will be updated soon.

There will be three fields of 4v4 using futsal balls and futsal goals.

Each player must wear shin guards and take a dark shirt and a white shirt.




Starts soon! Please check for updates and schedule your session in advance when it becomes available.

Fees: $10 per session

Field: Peaks Arena Provo

Monday through Thursday 10:15pm-12am.

Friday 8:30pm-10:15pm and 10:15pm-12am.

Games: Games are 4v4 and will end after 7 minutes or after 2 goals are scored by one team, whichever happens first.  When there are three or more teams per field, once one team beats the other teams at their field, they must rotate out.

Divisions: We will try to separate fields by level of play whenever possible.


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