Premier Club Soccer

Utah Valley indoor & outdoor soccer leagues and drop-in soccer

We are allowed to start playing soccer again! Because of Covid-19, the city will require us to make some changes. We will test all players with a touchless forehead thermometer before they are allowed to play. We will no longer be using bibs. Home teams will wear dark colors like black, blue, red, etc. and visiting teams will wear light colors like white. All teammates of one team must wear the same color. If they don’t have that color, they will not be allowed to play. I recommend every player to have both colors their team chooses for every game. All players must wear shin guards. If they forget them or don’t have them, they wont be allowed to play. We can no longer lend out any soccer gear or equipment. Used gear and equipment will be available for purchase though. There will no longer be a 3 minute delayed start for 6v6 or a 5 minute delayed start for 11v11. All games will start their game clock on time provided the referee and the field are ready. Please bring your own water bottles and use drinking fountains only to refill those bottles. They are not to be used directly with your mouth. Fans should practice social distancing. Let’s have a great season! Thanks!