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    Rules and Instruction

    Team Captains/Coaches:
    Please be early!!! Games must start on time and forfeits will be given after 10 minutes of game time for 6v6 & 4v4 and after 15 minutes for 11v11.  No exceptions.  We are on a tight schedule.  Ref fees are paid in cash directly to the referee.  If your team forfeits, your team will still have to pay ref fees before you will be allowed to play the next scheduled game. Captains need to fill out rosters before the first game and all rostered players must have a pic taken and attached.
    We will use FIFA rules except for the following exceptions on the tabs below and the field size of course for 6v6 and 4v4.  Please be aware we have a very strict no fighting policy.  Anyone that starts a fight may be banned for life from particpating in the league.  Frequent verbal abuse or frequent dangerous play that puts players at risk will also not be tolerated and any player may be suspended or expelled from the league at any time.  Once a player plays for a team in a particular division, that player may not play for another team in that division the rest of the season.  The only exceptions are if one team is split into two teams so a particular division has enough teams, then the teams may double roster up to 3 players for 6v6 and up to 2 players for 4v4. Double rostering is not allowed in 11v11. Or the other exception is if a player decides to switch to another team and is given league approval by the director or assistant directors.  That player may transfer to the new team before tournament play, but they must wait till the next game for both teams (usually a week after playing for the first team) to play for the new team. If there is tournament play, only players that have played during the current season are allowed to play in the tournament game. Rosters are subject to league approval and teams that add "ringers" in lower divisions without league approval may have their game forfeited.

    Upcoming Tournaments



    Utah Valley University Men’s Club Soccer Presents the



    Date:​​​May 13th-May 15th

    Time:Games will be scheduled as soon as entries are received and final count for teams is finalized. The fields have lights so games will be played into the evening. 

    Location:All games will be played at the UVU Geneva Intramural Fields located exactly west of the Larry H. Miller Megaplex Movie theaters (here is the theater address 600 Mill Rd, Vineyard, UT 84058)

    Matches:Each team will be guaranteed 3 games. The tournament will start with group play then advance to knockout rounds. 

    Lodging:As the tournament approaches we will have pricing for some of the local hotel’sincluding the La Quinta, Marriot, and more. Hotel list coming soon.

    Entry:The cost for $550.00 per team. Contact Ethan Adams-Head Coach at with any questions or concerns.

    Mailing address for payment and Contacts:

    Head Coach Ethan Adams- UVU Men’s Club Soccer Team

    Marissa King

    Assistant Director, Student Leadership & Involvement

    Utah Valley University

    800 W. University Parkway

    MS 220

    Orem, Utah 84058


    ​​​Kaela Lunt 

    Administrative Support III Clubs & Orgs 



    Tournament Rules:

    Games will follow the official FIFA rules of the game. 

    Each team will have maximum roster size of 25.

    Red cards will result in a one game suspension. 

    A second red in the competition will result in ejection from the rest of the tournament. 

    Each team will have matching uniforms with no duplicated numbers.

    Substitutions are unlimited on your possession, if there is one team subbing the other may sub as well. 

    Group stages:

    Home team will be decided by a second coin toss. 

    Games will consist of two 45 minute halves divided by a 5 minute half time. No overtime/stoppage.

    A win is worth 3 points and a tie is worth 1.

    The top two from each bracket advance.

    Tie breakers will go in order: head to head, goal differential, coin toss.

    Knockout rounds:

    Home team will be decided by a second coin toss. 

    Games will consist of two 45 minute halves divided by a 5 minute half time. If the game is still tied there will be one 15 minute period of extra time. If the game still tied it will advance to a penalty kick shootout with 5 chances each, then advancing to sudden death. 

    Winner moves on to the next round.











    Hosted by UVU Men’s Club Soccer Team

    Subject:Invoice for Tournament Fee- Happy Valley Tournament


    Mailing address for check:

    Utah Valley University

    UVU Club Office

    Attn: Kaela Lunt or Marissa King

    800 W. University Parkway

    MS 220

    Orem, UT 84058


    Please make checks payable to Utah Valley University with the following in the memo:

    UVU Men’s Club Soccer Tournament


    Club Name:______________________________________________________

    Club President Name:____________________________________________________

    Phone:_______________ Email:________________________________________

    Head Coach Name: ______________________________________________________

    Phone:_______________ Email:________________________________________

    School Rec Sports Coordinator Name: _______________________________________

    Phone:_______________ Email:________________________________________


    Hosted by UVU Men’s Club Soccer Team


    Student Id#

    Player’s Name


    Jersey #



























































































































    ALL PLAYERS playing the current season must register at the link below titled 2016 Player Registration unless they have registered this year already. Captains that are paying for their teams in full with credit card can do so with the Team Payment link. Please do not make payment online until you are told to do so. (If you pay before being told to do so and your team does not play the season, you will be subject to a processing fee before receiving a refund.) Thanks

    Ryan Cook

    President/ Director

    Phone: 801-477-7267