Adult Outdoor Soccer 6v6 Provo


Five divisions (Men’s: Intermediate A, Intermediate B, Lower) (Coed: Intermediate, Lower). Prices do not include referee fees. Referee fees must be paid in full using Venmo prior to the start of the season. Referee fees are $10 per game for 6 games so $60 total. (Do not pay for the team payment until you have been authorized to do so or you may be charged a service fee upon being refunded.)

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Fees: $360 team fee + $60 in ref fees so $420 total per season

Seasons: Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer, and Summer/Fall -6 games each

Spring -next season starts April 26th-29th 2021

Spring/Summer -next season starts June 7th-10th 2021

Summer -next season starts July 26th-29th 2021

Summer/Fall -next season starts September 2021

Field: Harmon Park Provo

Games: Two 20 minute halves with a 1 minute half time

Games are usually played at 7pm or 7:45pm but as early as 6:15pm.

Men’s Intermediate A
Men’s Intermediate B
Men’s Lower
Coed Intermediate
Coed Lower

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Deposit (non-refundable), All seasons (full payment), All seasons (balance)