4v4 indoor:  The following are additional rules or exceptions for 4v4 indoor as compared to 6v6 indoor.  Futsal balls and futsal goals are used.  Goalie restarts are a throw by the goalie rather than a goal kick.  Sideline restarts are a kick-in on the line rather than a throw-in.  Kick-ins are considered to start on the field of play and if they leave the field of play, they are not retaken (different than throw-ins which can be retaken when they don't enter the field of play).  Penalty kicks are at the top and center of the goalie box.  Corner kicks are placed directly on the corner.  The opposing team must be 5 yards away on all free kicks and restarts including sideline kicks.  Teams must have 3 players to start a game and the referee will start the kick off once the team has 3 players after the clock has started.  Goalies cannot score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team's goal unless it touches any player on the field.