6v6 indoor: In addition to the 6v6 outdoor rules, here are the following additions for indoor. No sliding is allowed when it creates a dangerous situation for any player.  What that means is there is no slide tackling, but you can slide for instance to save a ball from going out of bounds or to score a goal if you are by yourself or not near enough to someone else to make it dangerous.  A direct free kick will be given for not complying with this law.  For those that are familiar with futsal, it is the same law that is under the FIFA laws of futsal. The following are also in compliance with FIFA futsal rules.  If the ball touches the ceiling or anything above the field, a throw-in will be awarded to the opposing team to the side of where it touched.  If a ball is shot prior to the buzzer going off and crosses the goal line after the buzzer, a goal will still be awarded.  At the end of games, if stalling tactics are used by a team, it is the referees's judgement whether to add extra time to the game. Also, if a direct free kick or a penalty kick is awarded or needs to be retaken before the buzzer goes off, that kick will still be taken.