6v6 outdoor: No offside.   Kickoff can go forward or backward.  Penalty kick is ten yards away with all players besides the kicker and the goalie ten yards away and behind an imaginary line at the penalty spot.  Players can substitute freely at midfield on their bench side as long as the departing player is off the field at midfield.  (You still must make the referee aware of goalie subs.) Teams must have 4 players to start a game and the referee will start the kick off once the team has 4 players after the clock has started. For coed games, each team must field 2 female players at all times at any positions to field a full team. If a coed team has only one female player, they will play a player short. If a coed team has no female players, they would have to play 2 players short. Female goals are worth two in coed games. For penalty kicks, female goals are also worth two but not for penalty shoot-outs in tournament play.  Goals are counted in coed by the last offensive player to touch the ball before it enters the goal. In the case of an own goal where an offensive player didn't touch the ball on that possession or an offensive player did touch the ball but the defensive player had the last controlled touch, the goal is worth one whether the defensive player is male or female.